Sunday, February 19, 2012

RAAWWWRRR - Means "I Love You" in Pink Dragon

First thing to know about Rizzobear?  She *loves* dragons.  Specifically, the pink ones.  Personally, I've never seen a pink dragon.  You can imagine how distraught I was when she told me she wanted to be a pink dragon for Halloween.  I spent months trying to find a costume.  Thankfully, a few weeks before Halloween, I found one on ebay.  I almost cried I was so relieved.

Now, for the past few weeks Rizzo has been begging me to color her a pink dragon.  I also love dragons, so I have dragon stamps aplenty.  When she told me she wanted it colored, I decided I would make her a scrapbook page with her Halloween costume and a few dragons of her very own.

This is what happened:

The Sentiment is from Unity Stamp Co.

The cute little pink dragon below is from Sweet November.

This dragon is from Sweet Pea Stamps.

Thanks for a looking!

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