Monday, February 20, 2012

The Magic of Oz - Kids' Scrapbook

The Wizard of Oz.  Who doesn't love The Wizard of Oz?  I'm from Kansas.  I moved to Iowa for work.  I routinely click my heals together repeating, "There's no place like home."  It doesn't work.  FYI.

I was really excited to make a Wizard of Oz scrapbook for the kids.  I had this theme in mind for awhile.  Last fall, I took the kids out to the park to take some photos for execution.  Just so happens I have three stepsons, a daughter, and a dog.  Hmmm...three boys, a girl, and a dog.  See where I'm going?  =o D

So, here come a slew of photos of this Scrapbook.

Front Cover:

Open it up to a pocket page:

Pull the tab to find a photo of Josh, Rizzo, and Ryan.

This page opens to the right:

And here you see Ryan, our Scarecrow.

On the left is a tab with Josh, our Tin Man.

This tab opens to the right.  Here is what it looks like when everything is unfolded:

Here is the back of the Tin Man tab:

Here is the center page:

All of this folds back up, and you turn the page to find a new tab on the back and a page of photos on the left:

On the tab we have a the group of kidlets:

Turn the tab to the left and you'll find our Cowardly Lion, Luke:

Close up of the back of the tab:

...and a close up of the page:

Now, we move on to the second set of pages.  The first interactive page is a tri-fold o' photos.  Here is Dorothy and Toto, a.k.a. Rizzo and Simon:

On the back of that we have some more Rizzo and Simon:

The both open to the left to show another pocket page and some more Rizzo and Simon, with a dash of Daddy.  How did he sneak in there?

Pull out the pocked to find a photo of Rizzo with her pet caterpillar.

Flip over this page and here is what you see all unfolded out on the back:

Here is a close-up of the Rizzo page.  She's in the process of yelling, "DON'T SQUISH MY CATERPILLAR!"

The last set of pages starts with a pocket:

Pull out the tab and you'll find a group photo.  Simon is rockin' the "that dog" pose.

The pocket page opens to the right and unfolds to another tab and two more photo pages.

Here is the close-up of the front of the tab.  They really loves that Caterpillar.

The tab opens to the left and here is a shot of everything unfolded.

Here is a shot of the back of the tab.  Josh and Rizzo waving at a train.

The center photo is Josh and Rizzo "following the yellow brick road".

The last of the folding pages in my beautiful puppy.

And the last page shows everyone in all of their glory.  Scarecrow, Dorothy, Toto, Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man.

Thanks for looking!



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