Monday, April 30, 2012

My {First Ever} Canvas Painting.

So, I'm inching closer to 30 than I would ever like to admit.  I have a birthday next month and {until I perfect time travel, which I'm having difficulty with the ripping open the space/time continuum part} it will officially be my last year in my 20's. *gasp*.

I find that I'm changing as I "mature" (can you call it that?)   I'm broadening my horizons and trying foods I've always feared.  Nothing fancy, mind you.  I fear green peppers.  I'm listening to music I used to mock. I'm attempting to sew. Yea.  It's weird.  I've always envied those artsy types that embrace a creativity I so lack.  I try, I'm just way to "Engineery".  I can whip out a powerpoint arguing a business plan in my sleep.  Throw an empty sheet of paper in front of me, a yard of fabric, or an empty canvas and I struggle.

Moving on.  I also find I'm spending less money on toys than I used to.  My phone is over a year old and I haven't purchased a video game since Fable III.  I know - shame.  I haven't even turned on my PS3 other to watch Netflix is well over a year.  Part of that is because I found WoW, and my huntard *must* be geared to the extreme, but still...three years ago, I would've pwned Mass Effect 3's ass and still had waking hours left to get my Druid to 85.  

So, if I'm not spending my money on video games, what am I spending it on?  My house.  Yes.  It's so odd.  My husband and I just bought our very first bedroom set.  This is the second piece of furniture we've purchased for ourselves.  Everything else is hand-me-downs.  With this new bed, I wanted to decorate.  I saw an abstract that I fell in love with at Gordman's.  It was a reprint on cheap canvas and it was $100.  I was shocked.  I thought, "Why the hell would someone pay this much cash for a cheap reprint?  I could do that for way cheaper and have supplies left over to do it again."  


*click*  l i g h t b u l b.

I rushed to Michaels and purchased canvas, brushes, paints that match my bedroom, and an easel!  (I was way too excited about my easel.)  I also bought some supplies for my three year old to paint with me.  I had an idea of what I wanted - an abstract with my daughters handprints somehow intertwined. I put the canvas in front of me and hated everything I painted on it.  After multiple iterations of  drying and repainting, I'd settled on a background.  Then I proceeded to paint my daughter's hand and told her to have at it.

This is what we came up with:

I'm not sure if it's any good.  I'm no critic.  What I do know is that I love it, and my Rizzobear had a blast contributing.  It is now hanging on Mommy and Daddy's bedroom wall in all of its glory.

For those who are curious:  Yes, my daughters skills far outweigh my own:

Thanks for looking!

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