Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To One Of My Favs!

Inspired by Pinterest, I made this for one of my favorite little girls.  Part of me is hoping her Mommy and Snowdaddy don't see it, but if they do they have to *promise* not to tell her!

So, what did I make?  I made Olive her very own Kleenex box cover up!

Here is the front.

Both sides are the same with butterflies.

And the back is a birthday cake.

The top has a few more butterflies, and of course the hole for the kleenex box.  It's totally reusable too!  Just slip the empty Kleenex box out of the bottom and replace with a full one!  If it's not your birthday, just rotate the box to the butterfly side!

Now, you ask yourself, what on Earth does an eight year-old girl want with a Kleenex box cover.  Well, duh!  It's pretty!

Ok, ok, ok, so it serves another purpose.  It's just a ruse.  Little Olive goes to blow her nose only to find that there's only one Kleenex!  



She is currently in love with Skylanders.  I didn't know what they were, so I looked them up and could believe it was SPYRO!  I love love love love love Spyro.  I still bust out the original for the PS1 every once in awhile.  The series went to the crapper when Universal bought it out from Insomniac, but the originals were epic.  So, I printed off and colored a Spyro for her birthday "card" and the end of the monies.

I hope she likes it!

Thanks for looking!



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